Elsewhere on the Internet: Snow Day Entertainments

Scenes of Eating

It’s finally starting to warm up in Philly, but there are still big gray piles of snow on the ground and enough chill in the wind to turn our faces red. You probably shouldn’t eat the snow at this point, but if we get fresh–we might!–it’s good to know that a little snow ice cream won’t kill you. Meanwhile, if you’re running out of shows to watch after many cold and icy days indoors, here are a couple of ideas.

First We Feast offers a list of the best food scenes in Broad City. I don’t think I had realized how much food plays a role in character-building and setting up relationships in that show, but there’s really at least one good food scene in every episode. However, like any listicle commenter, I think they left out the best one: Season 1, “Stolen Phone,” Ilana calls Lincoln when she’s worried that Abbi is kidnapped…

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