Easter— a meditation on rebirth, renewal and change

Fit Is a Feminist Issue

I love Easter.   The associated religious themes of rebirth, resurrection and hope mingle with the more secular images associated with spring: flowers, eggs, chicks, and bunnies. The air is filled with hope of renewal, and the turning over of new leaves, bringing budding and blooming.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.16.24 PM

And the bunnies—bunnies are everywhere!  On foot:



On bikes:



Even on kayaks:


It seems like everyone wants a piece of the Easter bunny action.  They’re even transforming their pets into bunnies– the dogs, of course:




Even this gerbil (or hamster– I’m not an expert…):


Easter also evokes for me the tantalizing promise of the end of my semester and beginning of summer. Remember summer?


Forget New Year’s—Easter is prime time for resolution making. This year, Easter is even more laden because my sabbatical starts in a month (29 days to be exact). One feature that people with tenured academic jobs enjoy (thanks, Nat, for

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