Race Report: Tracy Runs Around the Bay 30K 2015


Around the bay medal, bib, t-shirtLet’s start with something positive: I finished. The sun shone. The wind, which as Canadians we sometimes fear for its chilling effect, stayed in check. The air buzzed with excitement the way it does on race day. Spectators cheered us on for the entire route. I had my picture taken with Batman. The Grim Reaper failed to take me down.

And yes, I need to say this one more time: I finished.

That means I ran 30K on Sunday, further than I’ve ever run before. With 9,000 other people.

The Around the Bay 30K is the oldest road race in North America. As the race organizers love to remind everyone at every opportunity, it’s Older Than Boston. See the back of the boldly coloured race shirt:

ABT older than boston

It’s also notoriously tough. 30K might sound a little tame for the seasoned marathoner. But this race challenges even the best of them. Most…

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