Easter— a meditation on rebirth, renewal and change


I love Easter.   The associated religious themes of rebirth, resurrection and hope mingle with the more secular images associated with spring: flowers, eggs, chicks, and bunnies. The air is filled with hope of renewal, and the turning over of new leaves, bringing budding and blooming.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.16.24 PM

And the bunnies—bunnies are everywhere!  On foot:



On bikes:



Even on kayaks:


It seems like everyone wants a piece of the Easter bunny action.  They’re even transforming their pets into bunnies– the dogs, of course:




Even this gerbil (or hamster– I’m not an expert…):


Easter also evokes for me the tantalizing promise of the end of my semester and beginning of summer. Remember summer?


Forget New Year’s—Easter is prime time for resolution making. This year, Easter is even more laden because my sabbatical starts in a month (29 days to be exact). One feature that people with tenured academic jobs enjoy (thanks, Nat, for

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Race Report: Tracy Runs Around the Bay 30K 2015


Around the bay medal, bib, t-shirtLet’s start with something positive: I finished. The sun shone. The wind, which as Canadians we sometimes fear for its chilling effect, stayed in check. The air buzzed with excitement the way it does on race day. Spectators cheered us on for the entire route. I had my picture taken with Batman. The Grim Reaper failed to take me down.

And yes, I need to say this one more time: I finished.

That means I ran 30K on Sunday, further than I’ve ever run before. With 9,000 other people.

The Around the Bay 30K is the oldest road race in North America. As the race organizers love to remind everyone at every opportunity, it’s Older Than Boston. See the back of the boldly coloured race shirt:

ABT older than boston

It’s also notoriously tough. 30K might sound a little tame for the seasoned marathoner. But this race challenges even the best of them. Most…

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The joy of diagnosis: Sleep apnea (Guest post)


Testing for sleep apnea Testing for sleep apnea

I’m sick…. ill, and I’m really happy about it! I’m relieved to know that I have sleep apnea, and especially that it’s severe. Although my treatment hasn’t started, good treatment is available. Also, there is a definite physical reason behind some of the problems I’ve had in recent years, even though it’s an extremely serious condition. The regular interruption of breathing that defines apnea can cause serious strain on the heart in addition to some of the other symptoms that are more easily observed and that have troubled me. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is common, often arising in middle age (I’m 48), though less in women than men. Mine may be encouraged by allergies, sinus problems, a small jaw, and body weight. (Non-obstructive or central sleep apnea (CSA) is due to problems with how the brain controls sleep.)

In recent years I’ve known something was wrong with me. I seem always tired, lethargic, and have…

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Am I Going to Worry about Runner’s Face? Nope


Runner's face at lunch right after the Scotiabank Half Marathon in October 2105. Maybe I look 50, but I'm a happy 50! Runner’s face at lunch right after the Scotiabank Half Marathon in October 2014. Maybe I look 50 (whatever that means), but I’m a happy-looking 50, runner’s face be damned!

Every week another article appears trying to warn of the perils of exercise. Last week I talked about that study that warned about the harms of “strenuous exercise,” where “strenuous” meant anything that makes you sweat or gets your heart beating fast.

The newest (to me) contribution to this fear-fest: runner’s face!  It’s not new news.  This article “Runner’s Beward: Crossing the Finish Line May Accelerate Fine Lines” with the sub-heading “Do You Have Runner’s Face” hit the press in 2011.

More recently and critically came this: “Runner’s Face: Beauty Advice Rears Its Ugly Head.”  It says that “fear of gauntness takes women away from the joys of running and back into prescriptive ideas about how they should…

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I won a bike!


Well, a used bike. But a bike!

I felt a little bit guilty winning, I have to say. I already have a bike or two. But I will use it and it’s great to have spares around for visitors, new post docs, grad students, etc.

How many bikes is too many?  Well, I have a cyclocross bike, a new road bike, an older road bike that’s for sale, and a track bike. I did have half shares in a mountain bike I was sharing with my teenage son but it was stolen this year. There was another Cannondale hybrid I liked to ride (but so too did my spouse) and that was also stolen. There’s other bikes too I’d to my dream fleet.

So I’ve kind of had my eye out for an around town, winter riding bike. This will do the trick nicely.

I won as part…

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A sheepish way to wish you a Happy Easter

The Daily Norm

Besides the obvious religious connotations of the festival of Easter, for those both faithful and otherwise Easter has come to mark the beginning of Spring: a time for new beginnings, when yellow daffodils wave about gleefully in a sunny Spring breeze, when the days of hope-bringing light get longer, and when animals of every type and breed start multiplying their little flock as they give birth to froglets and lambs, piglets and kittens, puppies and calfs and chicks.


So I couldn’t think of a better way to wish everyone a Happy Easter this sunny (at least here in Mallorca) Easter Sunday than by sharing just a few of a plethora of sheep and lamb photos I have collected on my various Mallorquin adventures this Spring. There is something about the scraggy sheep of Mallorca which fascinates me. It’s something about their wild nature, the vast biblical landscapes in which they…

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Fiverr approved

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